Sunday, January 21, 2018

Feels Like Winter & Frugal Accomplishments

Hello, friends.  Sunday evening, I made two loaves of bread with the leftover cushaw squash, and pizza using a homemade crust and sauce I had frozen, with our garlic and pantry items.  With it, I made a salad using our lettuce and tomatoes, and hemp seed.  We're delighted to still be eating tomatoes mid-January.  Most are tiny, but there are three of medium size which I think I'll use in vegi BLT's.  It was the first time I used an extra pizza crust I'd frozen, and I should have prepped the pan with some flour first, as it stuck badly.  I usually use a pizza stone, but already had the squash bread cooking, and was scared to put the stone in a hot oven.  After I had the pizza in the oven, I saw that some people bake the crust a bit before adding toppings.  If you can share any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  I did enjoy the convenience of having a homemade crust and sauce ready to go once I added toppings.  I'm glad to be joining in with the Frugal Accomplishments community today. 

For a dinner, I made my grandmother's dressing (vegi version), using pantry items and our egg and parsley.  With it, I cooked our frozen lima beans.  I added shredded paper to the chicken's nest boxes.  J & I finally got our Christmas boxes stored in the attic.  Some sad lettuce was given to the chickens, which they loved.  I went to town, even though my massage schedule was cancelled due to illness.  An order needed to be shipped, and we needed milk and a few other groceries.  I stopped at Aldi's for a handful of things, got cranberries for .49/bag and organic frozen corn that was $1.99/bag.  That's not inexpensive, but better than other places I shop.  While in town, I picked up this book I had requested at the library.

bluebirds before the snow
For one dinner, I made Polish cabbage and noodles.  With the leftovers the next night, I made butternut crumble squash with cranberry pomegranate sauce.  Though I did attempt to find some mint to use in the recipe, it was buried under 7" of snow.  We thought it was yummy without it.  My appointment to apply Hairprint at a local salon was cancelled due to the snow, so I did it at home.  I listed a new batch of shaving soap I began wrapping, and they're flying out the door.  I sold 8 bars to three repeat customers who swear it's the best they've ever used, and then a shaving set to a new customer.  That sure makes me happy.

To go with leftover butternut squash and cranberry sauce, I prepared pinto beans and a lambs quarter/spaghetti squash dish.  I saw custard pie mentioned here, began making one, then remembered I really love coconut custard, so changed it midstream.  I should have either added more sugar, or used sweetened coconut, but it will be eaten with sweetened homemade whipped cream.  Not too much of a sacrifice, except to my waistline :o).  Thankfully, the snow is starting to melt, so I should soon be back to my regular walking schedule.  Laundry was done, and hung on the line.  I set up a wooden clothes drying rack next to the wood stove, to dry wet garments on snow days.

The bird feeders were like Grand Central station for a few days.  I made a fresh batch of suet.  As the snow was a wet and heavy one, I found a number of limbs down on a walk.  On one limb, I found a sweet bird nest.  A batch of hummus was made for lunches, using pantry items.  Several jars of elderberry tincture from last summer's garden were strained, sweetened with raw honey, and bottled.  It's great immune support, and so good for colds and flu.  I'm happy to know these bottles will be on the pantry shelf.  Expecting a significantly higher electric bill due to heat lamps and space heaters and such that are not usually in use, when it arrived and was $63 higher, I wasn't surprised.  With no single digits in the upcoming forecast, I hope this next one will be back in the normal range.  We enjoyed a night out with friends, and listened to a fun local band.  There was no cover charge, but we enjoyed a few beers and put a donation in the tip jar.  Wishing you a good week ahead.  Be well, friends!


Chef Owings said...

followed you from The Prudent Homemaker...use corn meal for your pizza crust not flour. That's the traditional method and lightly coat the pizza pan with oil before the cornmeal if not using your stone. Sounds as if you had a good week and hope you have many more
Blessed Be Chef Juls Owings

Laurie said...

Thank you, Juls! I'll try those tips next time.

Unknown said...

Hi Laurie,
I'm interested in your shaving soap. Our friend that supplied mine has stopped making soaps and I'd like to know how to purchase yours. Enjoying your blog.

Laurie said...

Hugh, there should be a link on my blog sidebar to AbelaBodycare on etsy. I have the shaving soap listed both under Bath & Beauty and Shaving in the shop. Also, here's a direct link to the shop: Thanks!

Unknown said...

I love the bluebirds! I have only seen them once in person. They are more blue then I imagined.

Laurie said...

I love the bluebirds too, Debbie. We hung three new bluebird houses on Sunday.

April said...

Love love love your snow pictures.