Monday, May 29, 2017

A Honeymoon in Italy and Frugal Accomplishments

Hello friends.  I'm starting to get back in the gardening groove.  Last week, I harvested raspberries, lettuce, peas, mulberries, chives and dill.  I weeded around the lettuce, eggplant and several other spots.  We got a pick up truck load of mulch, a lantana and several cockscomb for a new small area near the porch, as well as homestead verbena, marigolds, and portulaca.  All but the marigolds were planted and the mulch spread between rain showers the same day.  We haven't decided where we'd like the marigolds just yet.  I also picked up a pack of globe thistles at Big Lots, and planted the rhizomes too.  They are not a true thistle.  We have enough of those already!

For our trip, I borrowed library books for the Kindle, and read a couple of free amazon Kindle books, including one on frugal living.  I bought a bouquet for $3.99 from Aldi's  to enjoy, and cut flowers from the yard for another vase.  When we returned, there were enough peas to make a batch of fresh pea soup with them and our herbs.  A large basket each of lambs quarter and swiss chard were harvested.  I washed plastic bags for reuse.  Lambs quarter, lettuce gone to flower, mock strawberries and mulberries were given to the chickens.

I made yogurt and kefir.  We've had a hen that has been broody off and on for several weeks.  We moved her into a little private broody area, where she has her own small yard when she gets off the eggs.  It's been 6 days, she's still sitting, and we're hoping she continues to.  J got creative with the two young roosters, who had been in the broody area.  He set up our large dog crate for them, under the eaves, and placed some old windows to cover most of the sides for when it rains.  They have a large yard to be in during the day.   We'd like to take them to the flock swap at Tractor Supply to find them a new home, but we have an out of town family gathering the day of the next one in June.  They may be with us a while longer.

I did laundry with homemade laundry soap and soap gel. One day, the wool items were hung indoors, and the rest dried in the dryer due to rain, and another day, both loads were hung outdoors.  We've gotten a significant amount of rain since we've been home.  The plants are jumping.  There were numerous tomato volunteers, which were transplanted.  J planted seeds for spaghetti squash, okra and lima beans.  I went through ebates and used a 25% off coupon to make a photo book of our wedding day and honeymoon.  I want to have this to share at our celebration in a few weeks.

Our wedding had some frugal elements.  I asked J to choose the dress I'd wear, and he chose an Ann Taylor dress I'd bought at a thrift store a few years ago.  It needed to be taken in, and I paid to have it altered, as I didn't feel skilled enough to work with the silk dress and separate lining.  A local woman I'd spoken to about flowers backed out a week or two before the wedding, so I had to scramble.  I ended up going to a local florist, buying the stems, and putting together my bouquet, which I supplemented with a few of our flowers.  Though I do enjoy flower arranging, I was trying to cut down on the details I'd be responsible for this particular day.  It all worked out.  I made J's boutonniere with elements I gathered from our land.

A friend shared a youtube video with me on bow making, and I made two large bows using wired burlap ribbon bought at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon, and tulle that I bought a large bolt of for I believe $2.99 at a thrift store years ago.  I'd been intimidated by making bows, but it was surprisingly easy.  The same friend hosted and officiated our wedding on the front porch of her gallery, which is a beautiful historic home.  She had an assortment of dream catchers, which we hung from hooks along the porch.  We bought Prosecco, sparkling lemonades, fruit, cheese, marcona almonds and chocolate to enjoy after the wedding.  We kept it small, and there were only 7 in attendance, in addition to our officiant and us.   A close friend who is a photographer took photos.  After our munchies, we headed to a lovely restaurant in Greensboro, to meet up with more friends and family for dinner.

A trip to Italy had been on my bucket list, and when J suggested it for our honeymoon, how could I turn that down?!  One pretty special day was meeting and sharing a meal with a second cousin and his family.  I'm only sorry my Mom had not been able to go.  We had begun talking about going together, but she became sick before we were able to do it.  She was on my mind so much of the trip, and I enjoyed pistachio gelato and savoiardi cookies (both favorites of hers) thinking of her.  Though not frugal, one of the reasons I live simply is so that I can enjoy experiences like this.  Having these memories means so much more than things ever could.

If you have a few minutes, this TED talk by Caroline Myss on health and healing is worth a listen.


Michèle Hastings said...

What a lovely post! It looks like you went to Printworks Bistro for your wedding dinner. My daughter and I had brunch there last spring. It's a beautiful place for special occasions.

Laurie said...

You have a great eye, Michele! Printworks Bistro is exactly where it was. Excellent food and service, perfect for a special occasion.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your marriage. It looks like you had a wonderful honeymoon. I think your bouquet turned out so lovely! Best wishes to both of you.

It sounds like you had a marvelous time, and are glad to get back to "real life" and getting settled back into routine.

Debdeb said...

I loved reading about this--your wedding and celebrations, your marvelous trip to Italy! Every happiness!

Laurie said...

Thank you, Becky! I do love a good adventure, and I love to come home. Deb, there will be more photos at the celebration. Thank you!

April said...

It sounds like an absolutely wonderful day and trip. Much happiness and welcome home!