Monday, February 8, 2016

Mid Winter & Frugal Accomplishments

Once again, I'm joining in with Frugal Accomplishments.  Last week, I used our parsley in potato salad.  Added the parsley stems to the veggie broth bag.  Enjoyed some of our dill pickles.  Made yogurt and kefir.  Prepared home canned green beans with our garlic & thyme, & home canned beets.  Picked up a utility lighter at Walgreens, and after the senior discount and $3 in rewards, it cost a dollar and change.  Got a hemp & organic cotton skirt and a cashmere sweater at Goodwill for $8 and change.  Chopped up rutabaga peelings (unwaxed) for the pups dinner.  Picked chickweed for the chickens.  J bought us dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and I had the leftovers for lunch one day.  I bought lemons at Aldi's.  I looked for a few things at both Walgreens and Aldi's, but ended up with just one item at each.  Opened windows for fresh air several days.  Heated with wood.

I recently purchased a beautiful pottery mug at one of the galleries that carries my soaps.  The gallery has supported me for several years, and when I can, I like to give something back.  I loved the tapered shape of the mug, which would keep hot beverages warm for longer, but unfortunately it leaked like a sieve.  There was a crack in the bottom, which wasn't noticeable until filled with liquid.  I returned it to the gallery & there were no others, so I picked out two items... a beautiful pair of fingerless gloves and a locally made bar of Escazu dark chocolate which together was one dollar more than the mug, but the dear manager refused to take any money, saying the paperwork to make it right would not be worth it.

I spotted several daffodils blooming next to our drive!  There have been geese flying by, and we've been hearing spring peepers... all signs that spring will be here before we know it.  I stained and varnished the counter top in my pantry.  Boiled the littlest sweet potatoes for the pups, and baked several larger ones for us. Had sweet potatoes as a side dish, and made a pie with 2c of the leftovers, our eggs and homemade vanilla.  Grated our carrots for the pups.  Made Brandy's black bean burgers with our eggs and garlic.  Added carrot and onion ends, & sweet potato skins to the veggie broth bag.  Worked on my quilt with my stepmom; brought leftovers for lunch.  Not having to go out to lunch enabled me to make good progress.  Not too many more days, and I'll be finished!

potatoes just after gathering; one large one wouldn't fit in basket
I did laundry with my laundry soap and soap gel, and hung it on the line, except for cashmere sweaters, which I hung near the woodstove.  I picked 3 of the blooming daffodils, to bring their cheer indoors.  Emptied water glasses and bottle into wood stove humidifier.  Printed shipping label for an online sale at home, saving a trip to the P.O.  Received an ebates check.  Used homemade soap and deodorant.  I gathered 5# of our potatoes, and used 2# of them in colcannon.  I've shared how we store our potatoes here.  Even after several nights in the mid teens, they are faring well.  I believe the ground helps moderate the temperature.  Quite a few were sprouting, and a very few had small insect holes, but they stay moist and plump, and last longer than any other way we've tried.

I boiled eggs for us and the pups.  I'm replacing an equal amount of dogfood for eggs per the vets instruction.  I generally give them one or two with dinner, and an occasional one for breakfast.  I chopped a bit of cabbage core and added it to the pups dinner.  Made french toast using our eggs and homemade vanilla.  Pruned many of the apples, elderberries, blueberries, figs, plums, butterfly bushes and our hazelnut.  Prepared dinner of Hopi Grey cinnamon spiced squash, roasted brussels sprouts, and a vegi version of my grandmother's stuffing.  Only the squash, garlic, parsley & an egg were grown here, but it was the perfect mid-winter dinner.  I made suet for the birds.  Though I don't watch the Super Bowl, I look forward to viewing the commercials online this coming week.  Did you have any favorites?


Michèle Hastings said...

Your table looks beautiful with vase of flowers, lemons, and candles. We aren't into football either, so I haven't seen any of the commercials. Like you said, I am sure we will see them online over the next two weeks.

Laurie said...

Thanks, Michele. It cheers me to look at the table, with all its yellow.

Jason Ellis said...
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peppylady (Dora) said...

Stop in from Down to Earth. You sound busy. I love thrift stores and recently I've been on a fabric hunt.
The fabric I been getting I'm going to make a rag rug out of it.

If you find the time. Stop in at my blog and the coffee is always on.