Monday, June 15, 2015

Beets, Berries and Frugal Accomplishments

Last week's frugal accomplishments include harvesting beets, lambs quarter, blackberries, raspberries, chard.  I used my .10 fuel rewards for a fill up.   Made deviled eggs with our eggs, and roasted beets.  Separated the seeds from chaff of our winter greens, & saved them in a reused prescription bottle.  Charged my cell phone battery in the car whenever I was driving.

I made Brandy's Spanish rice, to go along with bean burritos.  Stopped at the discount grocery store.  I didn't get much this time, but got several 30 ct. boxes of Emergen-C for $2 ea.  We use these if we're outside sweating a lot, to replenish electrolytes, and during cold and flu season for immune support.  I also got a couple 28 oz cans of organic tomatoes for $1 ea.

Worked on my quilt.  Sprayed insecticidal soap on raspberries, as I found what I believe are woolly aphids on them, which was draining a lot of their energy.  Gave the last piece of honeydew to the chickens, who were delighted.  Not so frugal that we forgot about it, but happy it was eaten by someone.  I pulled wild lettuce almost everyday for the chickens.  Gave chickens the top bits of strawberries.

 Washed laundry in homemade soap & hung it on the line.  Used homemade deodorant and soap.  Made kefir and yogurt.  Harvested onions for broccoli salad and quinoa summer squash salad.  My niece had requested mint tea for her birthday, so I harvested a basket full of mint and made tea.  We were gifted several summer squash.  Ours are growing, but are not coming in quite yet, so they were most appreciated.

If you could use some frugal inspiration, check out what folks are doing at The Prudent Homemaker's Frugal Accomplishments.  What have you done to save money or resources this week?


April said...

"Worked on my quilt." How much do you quilt and how long have you quilted? (Oh, I have all kinds of quilt questions!)

Laurie said...

April, I'm a newbie at quilting. I've made one other quilt, with guided instruction every step of the way. See the full story here: My intention was to try some quilted potholders for my next project :o), but when I found these quilt squares in a secondhand shop, I decided I needed to make another quilt, this time for myself. I'm again receiving instruction from my stepmom, and am making good progress. There are so many steps, and so much to think about, I'd be too intimidated to try it otherwise. I'm sure there are awesome tutorials out there. If you can find a quilter, so much the better. I'm probably not the one to answer questions, but will try.

Michèle Hastings said...

We found black raspberries in our backyard last night, we are so excited! There aren't a lot but may be more if we are brave and explore into the brush some more. The ticks are so bad this year, it's almost scary to go out there.