Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Light and Frugal Accomplishments

I'm enjoying the increasing winter light this week, and joining in with Brandy's Frugal Accomplishments.  I bought 2 cases of organic pinto beans @ .79/can and 10 cans organic tomato paste @ .55/can at Aldi's, also lots of produce including cauliflower, onions, lemons, organic grape tomatoes, kale, & mandarins.  I've also been treating myself to fresh flowers, 3.99 at Aldi's, to provide some color and cheer during these dreary winter days.

At the discount grocery, they were installing new shelving, so it was challenging to move around.  I did purchase olives and pasta while there.  Started a new batch of cleaning vinegar with the mandarin peels.  I cooked with several items that were in the freezer; slowly cleaning it out.

I used homemade laundry soap and hung laundry on the line; used homemade soap at sinks and in the shower.  Ate collards, sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, oregano, okra and parsley from the garden.  Tried a new quinoa recipe, but I didn't like it enough to make it again.  I filled the dehydrator with cut sweet potatoes, for dog treats.  I made my first batch of natural antibacterial spray, using essential oils, filtered rainwater and colloidal silver.  With all the colds, flu and more going around, I'm doing what I can to keep us healthy.

Made a batch of suet for the birds.  I found a .25 frame at a new consignment store, which is just the thing for a lovely photo I purchased from a friend in December.  Swagbucks increased my daily goal, so I did not make it every day, but still did several days.  I've started saving toilet paper rolls, filling them with the little bit of lint I've had, and dripping wax from the candles over the lint when I blow them out.  These are for fire starters.

Have you noticed the days lengthening? Though I do enjoy the change of the seasons, the return of the sun always cheers me.  Our little chicks are now 11 weeks old, and doing well.  Over the weekend, we opened the door to their little yard, so they could wander into the larger yard, which joins up at a fence with the other chicken yard, where all the mature chickens are spending their days at present.  It's good for them to be able to see each other a bit, before trying to integrate them.  Inside the coop, they're able to hear each other, but a wall prevents them from seeing each other.  But soon....

Joseph & I enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends at a new, local restaurant.  Though this was not planned to be a frugal night, they gifted us the meal!  We arrived early, and were seated.  I texted them when I hadn't seen them 15 minutes after our reservation.  It turns out they were seated on the other side of the restaurant.  I had heard the restaurant was still working out some glitches, and that proved to be the case.  But, the food and wine were lovely, as well as the company of good friends.  It gave us a good laugh!

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April said...

I love seeing the days lengthen bit by bit. I notice it more in the evenings than the mornings--mornings still seem pretty gray and still.