Monday, October 6, 2014

Pears, Pasta & Frugal Accomplishments

There was beautiful fall weather for the Fall Festival over the weekend.  A little gusty at times, but clear blue skies and lots of sun.  I was set up very close to one of the stages, and was able to hear lots of music, a book reading, and see some young dance groups.  There was even a harpist on Sunday.  I so enjoyed sitting in the sun, listening to that lovely music.

I'm still enjoying maple lattes.  The mug above holding one was purchased from Blue Hen Pottery.

pear vanilla sauce
Joining in with Brandy for this week's:

Frugal Accomplishments

canned 10 half-pints of pear vanilla sauce

made "zucchini" soup, using tromboncino squash, tomatoes, garlic & basil from the garden

harvested rainwater

borrowed books from the library- finished this, which I enjoyed

purchased a number of sale items at Aldi's, including 6 lbs of organic quinoa @ $3.99/lb.  The best price we are usually able to find is $4.99/lb.  Purchased cans of organic black beans for .40 ea. at the local discount grocery store.

used homemade soap, laundry soap & deodorant

washed plastic bags for reuse

made Pasta Norma using eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, basil, oregano & chives from the garden.

brought lunch, water and snacks both days to the Fall Festival, & cut a bouquet from the homestead for my booth

That was the last of the eggplant, used in the pasta dish.  As temperatures were dropping into the 30's this weekend,  I brought in all the orchid plants, plus a couple others, and covered the remainder with plastic.  Joseph did preparations for and started our first fire of the season on Saturday.  Nights have been in the 50's and 60's, so that was a bit of a surprise, but they are rising again. I think we have a bit more time until our first frost.  I expect there won't be much else harvested from the summer garden, save a few okra and tomatoes if we're lucky, and chard.  But, we'll be harvesting greens, carrots, and the hardier herbs.  Onward to the next season.  I'm looking forward to making the first batch of pumpkin soup.


Michèle Hastings said...

I saw the link to your post on facebook and I read, "Paris, Pasta & Frugal Accomplishments", and thought, "Laurie is in Paris!". Then I realized it said "Pears". In my defense, I hadn't had coffee yet :-)

I enjoy reading your frugal accomplishments each week. It helps me reflect on what I have been frugal about and what I can change to add more to my own list.

Laurie said...

Ha! No Paris yet, Michele! But I'm hoping for Puerto Rico within the next few months :o) And oh my goodness, follow the link to Brandy's site to read her post and all the comments. Talk about inspiration! I think it's an awesome way to begin the week.

April said...

Your comment on my blog lead me to your blog and my comment. I am looking forward to exploring your blog--the pictures alone pull me back in time and time again. I am just starting to redo gardens with native plants/perennials and I think I will find a lot of inspiration on your site. Most of all, I like the pace of your writing. Very nice.

Laurie said...

So happy to have you visit, April. Thank you so much for comments, as well.

Mrs. Mac said...

Our pastor's wife cans pear sauce that is so good .. he won't share any! So, I'm a little jealous of your sauce :) I bet it's wonderful .. especially with vanilla added.