Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wild and Alive

I'm excited about an upcoming trip to Asheville.  I'll be taking a class that will meet a portion of the CEU's I need to renew my massage license this fall.  It's a lovely town that I always enjoy going to.  Joseph and I were sure our eucalyptus was a goner, but in the last week or two, it has sent out new growth on the lower 2 feet of the trunk.  That makes me happy!

Jennifer recently posted a link for Dandelion muffins, and I was intrigued.  Over the weekend, I made my own version of dandelion blueberry muffins.  I only added the petals from 8 dandelions, as I was a little afraid they would give the muffins a bitter taste.  You really couldn't tell they were there, so I may get braver next time.  They're full of lots of good things.  Here is the recipe she linked to.

We got a dump truck load of compost last week, and Joseph has been working hard getting it on the garden plants.  The garden above is a new one.  It's a bit farther from the house, so it's being used for things that won't need regular harvesting.  Later this fall, we hope to plant our first rice on the lower end of it.

The wild roses and scullcap have begun blooming.  We rejoiced over finding quite a few tomatoes on our plants last night, some of them of good size already.  I can almost taste that first tomato sandwich!


Michèle Hastings said...

Thank you for identifying skullcaps for me! We have them blooming amidst our wild roses and I wondered what they were.
Enjoy Asheville. I have only been once and have really been wanting to return.

Laurie said...

Michele, scullcap is a medicinal plant... a calmative. I make a tincture with the flowers some years. It's quite bitter tasting, though. Yes, Asheville is lovely!

Jennifer said...

I am going to try the muffins this weekend. After showing this to K, she stood in the driveway in the morning munching on dandelion heads.

I am sooo envious of your garden.

Jennifer said...
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Laurie said...

I love that K is an adventurous sort too, Jennifer!

Luba Rokpelnis said...

Hello Laurie!

What a beautiful blog you have. I love the pictures of your place and all the wonderful greenery and flowers. How long have you been a massage therapist?

I found you via Prudent Homemaker.

Have a blessed day. :)

Laurie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Luba. I have been a massage therapist 19 years, and an RN (now retired) 21 years.