Monday, November 18, 2013

The Last of the Old Coop & Celebration Time in Seagrove

This photo was snapped shortly before the chicken coop came down.  The right side was the original chicken coop.  It had been partially dismantled, and was being used for storing the mowers and tiller.

This is Pickles in the mower shed, about the same time.

Here's the last of the chicken coop, as it went up in flames.  The area where the coop and run had been is now planted in garlic.  I noticed over the weekend that several garlic sprouts are poking up through the ground.  Joseph has set up the rainwater collection and automatic waterer in the new chicken area, and has dug several post holes for the larger yard.  I'm doing lots of things, but he's pretty much been on his own with that project recently.

This will shortly be taking up several of my days, both behind the scenes and at the event itself.  It's a big deal in these parts, and I'm always honored to be a part of it.

Some happy-making things:
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Yum- nut butter chocolate
A great idea- Little free libraries


Michèle Hastings said...

Great spider web photo, and thank YOU for helping out at the in town Coop during Celebration!

Laurie said...

My pleasure, Michele! I'll also be at the Potter's Relief booth one day, so may see you there! said...

HI Laurie, I love your blog! Nice to find a kindred spirit.