Friday, April 12, 2013

Lots of Making

There have been local sightings of  hummingbirds the past few days.  I spotted the first one at the feeder this morning.  This winter, I planted snowdrop and crocus bulbs underneath the forsythia along the path to the house.  These are the first snowdrops I've ever planted, and I was delighted to get a bloom this first year.

There's been a lot of making going on around here, getting ready for Mud and Suds at Whynot Pottery next Saturday. Lots of soap, as well as glass garden flowers and wool dryer balls.  I'd given some dryer balls as gifts last year, and was embarrassed to find out a couple of them had unraveled.

 I finally got the felting process down with this batch.  These babies won't be coming apart. The key is to wash them several times in hot water, and dry them along with loads of laundry several times. I believe these went through 8 rounds of drying, while still in their pantyhose "sleeve".

Happy Friday, friends!

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Jennifer said...

Aha. Thanks for this. I made some dryer balls a couple of years ago that have all unwound. I might fix em up and give them the rounds in the pantyhouse and save them.

Things are looking good around your parts!