Thursday, December 20, 2012

Into the Light

First off, I wanted to let you know about my learning curve with homemade vinegar.  I had mentioned starting a batch back in August.  Today, in cleaning out some little used areas, I came across an article on making vinegar, and was reminded that I forgot to strain the fruit out of the jars. They had been on a pantry shelf, behind closed doors, and I just forgot about the straining.  When I took a look today, I found the pear vinegar had molded on top, and the two jars of apple vinegar had fruit flies.  Bummer.  A few weeks into the process, all jars had a pleasant fermenting smell and a nice layer of mother on top.  The article recommended straining after 30 days, then letting it sit for another 3 months.  Then you can begin tasting it to see when it meets with your tastebuds approval.  If it doesn't taste ready after 4 months, just check in for a monthly taste.  Oh well, there's another layer in the compost bin today.  Nothing goes to waste here on the homestead.

Tomorrow morning, Winter and the Winter Solstice arrive at 6:12AM (EST).  It always cheers me to think we will begin to move back towards the light-filled days.  The days since 12-12-12, through 12-21 and into next year are also said to be very energetically charged, assisting in the shift that is upon us.  Wishing you light and energy to support you on your way.  Happy Winter Solstice, friends!


cookingwithgas said...

Oh, well. It has been a busy time- I am not surprised you forgot. I am much the same way.

Mrs. Mac said...

I am glad you posted some instructions today. Last September or October after we harvested our apples, I made apple vinegar using the peels. Perhaps I left mine too long .. no mold but after several months just an 'off' smell. Instead of throwing it away (it does smell like vinegar) ... I'm using it as a laundry rinse .. 1/2 to 1 cup in the rinse dispenser of my washing machine .. it works great! We got 2 big jugs of free rinse aid :)

Laurie said...

I'm hoping to have a little breather soon, Meredith. Mrs. Mac, that sounds like a great way to use your vinegar!