Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don't Try This at Home

This is what happens when you put a toad in your mouth. I wouldn't recommend it.  The poor fellow was just hanging out next to our porch, minding his own business, when McNibs decided a taste was in order.  He (the toad) was none worse for the wear physically, though I expect he was traumatized by the event.  I moved him to a safe spot, one out of reach of silly pups.  I must say, I do believe he was the fattest toad I've ever seen.  Or do toads puff up when defending themselves, sort of like blowfish?  If you know that sort of thing, do tell.

Though the garden has definitely got "the dwindles", I did manage to harvest a couple handfuls of purple podded green beans, concord grapes, okra, 2 apples and a few calendula blossoms today.  I transplanted the few lettuces that came up, from the garden to the cold frame, and am deciding if I'm going to do that with some of the kale.  We usually have the cold frame planted long before now, so I'm working on Plan B at the moment.

I've been working on some things for upcoming shows I'm participating in.  That's a batch of St. Clements soap above, one of my seasonal soaps.  First up will be Whynot Pottery's 30th year Celebration On Oct. 13th.  Joining us will be Four Saints Brewery, unveiling their St. Nicholas Christmas Ale. Come be among the first to try what is sure to be some tasty brew!  The following weekend, I'll be at Whitaker Farms Hwy. 64 location for their Art in The Garden event.  If you decorate with pumpkins (click on the link for a coupon), mums and pansies for autumn, come on by, and support some local artists too.  I've heard there will be some wonderful birdhouses for sale. 

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