Friday, September 7, 2012

Gelo Familia

The days have been full these past few weeks.  There was a family gathering of Mom and her brothers families over Labor Day weekend.  Eggplant and green beans from the garden have been canned.  A batch of apples were dehydrated.  I've started dehydrating pears and begun pear vinegar with the peelings and cores.

I recently found some new canister sets donated to a local thrift shop.  Enter a diamond drill bit, a carbon filter, and voila... new compost crocks in my shop

I've been wanting to ramp up my compost making for some time.  There are two compost bins chock full, so I asked Joseph to create a compost sifter for my birthday, and he obliged.  Now, which plants will get all that rich, organic bounty?  Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


JLK Jewelry said...

Hi Laurie! We have two pear trees that are loaded with pears. the hard old timey ones. Wes was just saying we should juice them. I am intrigued by your pear vinegar. Is it hard to do?

I have a stoneware canister that Pam made with a plastic tub sitting in it, that we use for our compost too.

If you need more pears, stop over!

JLK Jewelry said...

I saw the link below. I'm going to give it a try!

Laurie said...

Great, Jennie! It's easy peasy! The only thing it requires is patience :o)

JLK Jewelry said...

Patience, hummm. Well I'll have to give a go, on both counts:)