Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Upcycled Glass with Class

Since sometime last year, I've been keeping my eyes open for vintage glassware in colors and scalloped shapes.

As I'm frequenting thrift stores only rarely these days, it's taken me some time to gather enough to work with. But this weekend I finally felt I had enough to play with, and am pleased with my first garden flower creations. 

I'll be attaching "stems", so they can be planted in the ground or a pot, and I'm pondering if they need something more in the middles, or if I should leave them as is.  Suggestions would be most welcome.

They'll be making their debut at Mud and Suds in the Yard.


Linda Starr said...

These are beautiful together; when I had my lavender farm I put a several pieces of glass together in a totem shape and slid them on a piece of rebar stuck in the ground (the bottom piece was a tall vase upside down).

Laurie said...

That sounds neat, Linda! Where was your lavender farm?

Linda Starr said...

in California, I've since sold it and moved to Florida

Jennifer said...

how ingenious, i love this idea.

that blue one is my favorite.

i don't know but i can imagine them with a little seed or water in them for feathered friends!

Laurie said...

Linda, I knew you were in FL so I was curious. We'll have to compare dates.
Jen, that blue dish reminds me of a lotus flower, so it seems fitting that's your favorite.