Thursday, November 17, 2011


The photo is some of my experiment of dyeing with marigolds. With the bright orange and red flower petals, I expected the fabric to turn orange. Surprising!


This project.  Though I did not find it before it was pulled from Youtube, I'm intrigued by what I've seen.
A recipe mentioned on The Splendid Table.
The soulful words and awesome video* in this gorgeous post.

I am back home again, after spending some time with family out of state.  This weekend, I'll be helping out here.  Come on by if you can!

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Anonymous said...

how beautiful! I am experimenting with natural dyeing and made a marigold dye bath yesterday, which I wrote a blog post about. I buy old cotton sheets and cotton and linen tablecloths and dish towels at estate sales to turn into paper pulp. I have some embroidered pieces that I haven't thought to dye, but now will try it after seeing this lovely photo. Thanks for sharing it.