Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plant Magic

Early yesterday morning while donning my scrubs, a Green Anole lizard jumped out of the folded clothing.  I saw, then felt it land with a thud on my bare foot.  Light was just beginning to break outside, but you can bet I was now fully awake.  I requested a Most Benevolent Outcome that I would be able to catch the lizard, and safely return it outside.  They're pretty fast creatures, and my finger was "bitten", but that mission was accomplished easily.  I've heard tales of people getting them to bite their ears, which doesn't hurt, and wearing them as earrings.  We have several different lizards here, as well as the colorful Five-Lined Skink.  I'm always cheered by them all, and their antics.

On our walk tonight, I reached the back field before the dogs.  I saw what appeared in the distance to be a goose waddling off into the woods, something I've not seen there before.  I expect it was dining on the grass, and possibly migrating. There were also dozens of dragonflies flitting about over the field, a truly magical sight to see.  It was a warm day today, in the upper 70's, so maybe they were having their last hurrah of the season.

Last week, I experimented with dyeing fabric with plants.  I gathered large amounts of goldenrod and poke berries in the wild areas here, getting chiggers on my ankles.  But I really loved the whole process (well, not the chiggers)....from gathering, extracting the color from the plants, soaking the various fabrics, and especially fishing them out of the big enamel pots to see what I had.  Seeing the fabric all lined up on the clothesline made me smile every time I walked past.  I incorporated a couple pieces of lace into some eye pillows I made yesterday.  I'm looking forward to using the rest in other projects.   I noticed some cotton and linen fabrics did not hold the colors as well, with silk and wool felt maintaining the brightest colors.

There has been lots of creating going on, as I'm taking part in the Caldwell-Hohl kiln opening this Saturday. They have a beautiful setting, with a gorgeous, handcrafted log cabin, large pond, and a menagerie of animals.  There will be music, interesting vendors, good eats, and a gorgeous day is forecasted.  It's a great opportunity to purchase some holiday gifts, or just enjoy the lovely fall day, so come on by if you are in the area.


cookingwithgas said...

you can wear them I am not game to have anything with 4 legs and a tail bite my ears!
Oh- Love the new colors! Really nice with loads of possibilities!

Stephanie said...

How fun to make dye from plants...I have always thought about doing that. My kids used to catch lizards and wear them! I have some cute pictures of that!
I would love to come and see you at the kiln opening, but I'll be at my daughter's marching band competition. Enjoy! Peace, Stephanie