Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brewing Fruit and Ideas

It's been a fruity kind of morning. I juiced another 3 cups of passionfruit, which I've been freezing until I can come up with a good recipe. I'm thinking I may make jam or jelly with it, possibly with berries, but may do some sort of dessert. Or both! Anyone have a recipe to share? I juiced a few more pears and added it to a batch of pear cider, or perry, I began on Monday. This is our first try at perry, and we're using a simple recipe. Just the pear juice, and yeast. I believe the yeast is a Sweet Mead activator, from Wyeast. There's about 3 gallons of pear juice, in a glass carboy with airlock. J has been the one researching it. If I remember correctly, the primary fermentation is done in the carboy, then sugar added, and put into bottles for the secondary fermentation. It will be a slow process, taking several months, but hopefully worth the wait!

I'm going to get the dehydrator going, for some apple rings. I like them as snacks, and J likes to break them up into his oatmeal. I've had some ideas brewing for new handmade items for my shop, and am excited about starting on them today. Here's a peek at the new fab shop, as it begins to go up.

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