Friday, August 20, 2010

The Abundance of Summer

It's a nice thing when life brings some new friends. Last weekend, we had a visit from Bob & Camille. Bob is a biodiesel instructor, and the owner of Blackspot Tempeh. He makes his tempeh in small batches, with love, and has quite a following. Camille works for The Abundance Foundation, oversees groundskeeping at Piedmont Biofuels, and writes a heck of a blog post. They have a website full of many things, including pictures of the numerous places they've lived abroad. I haven't had time to look at a lot of it, but will definitely be checking out the recipe and beer sections. Did I mention Bob brews beer? He shared some hoppy brew with us on Sunday. Good stuff! They've led an interesting life, these two.

I've been waiting all summer long for some corn. We had a most excellent patch of corn in the garden, which the local wildlife declared theirs. And they weren't into sharing any of it. Since then, we've been looking for some organic corn to buy, but it's been a rough year for corn around here. Yesterday, I spotted some local corn at Whole Foods. It wasn't organic, but guaranteed to be GMO-free. We ate it tonight. Now it really feels like summer!

I juiced a batch of elderberries today. I think I'll be turning this batch into jelly tomorrow, instead of the usual medicine. I hear it's pretty tasty.

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Victoria said...

Yum! Those berries looks awesome..hope you do some posting on the jam.!!
have a sparkling day!
I also want to say..i so appreciate your visits and look forward to your is a bright spot to my day!