Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mama Rosie's Buttons

It was a lovely Christmas. Joseph made me a wonderful birdhouse out of an olive oil tin. I'll post pictures soon. My Mom gave me a tin of buttons that were her Mom's, or Mama Rosie's, as we all called her. Because I've begun sewing, she thought I'd appreciate them. My grandfather, Angelo, had a small factory before the Depression. Afterwards, he worked as a tailor out of his & Mama Rosie's home. I remember as a child spending hours sewing buttons on fabric at their house, in the shapes of flowers, trees and such. It's been a treat looking and sorting through all the buttons. I like to think they'd be happy with my newfound interest.


cookingwithgas said...

what a great gift!

Rose Notes said...

How fun to have those buttons! I received some old buttons too, this Christmas. Happy New Year Laurie!

kriips said...

what a treasure! I remember playing with buttons as a kid - mom had a nice size bag full of them - many were saved from old unusable clothing, and reused when needed... Love love love buttons!