Sunday, October 11, 2009

Peak Heights

Melissa & I waiting our turn


Joseph & the guides on the rocks during a break

Melissa checks out the rocks

A zipping Joseph

You know those rare days when all things conspire to make it a perfect day? Yesterday was one of those. Joseph made his daughter Melissa & I pancakes, then we headed to the zipline. We met a group of friends there, got harnessed up and went zipping through the woods. We zipped through the tree canopy, over water & some of the massive boulders we're blessed to have here in the Uwharries. Our guides were great, & their humor had us all laughing. The weather was perfect. We had a blast!
Last night we had a gathering of a wonderful community of people at our home. Artists, glass blower, massage therapists, organic farmers, herbalist, yoga instructor, zoo curator, beekeeper, biofuel makers, fire dancer, photographers, musicians. What fun it was to wander from this group to that catching all the conversations. Such an interesting and diverse mix of folks. It was a longterm dream come true. Creating this home took so many years of hard work & focus, it was such a pleasure to share it with this gathering of people. It was a day with an abundance of memories to treasure.

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cookingwithgas said...

FUN! Sorry we missed it!
next time!