Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh Sunny Day

A while back, I mentioned how Hickory used to get in the bathtub by himself.  I've been working with McNibs, who is now around 70 lbs, and yesterday, he did the same.  It took praise and treats, but I'm as tickled as I can be.  I'm strong for my size, but a less than 5 ft. woman can only do so much with a dog that's almost as big as she.  J and I are thinking he'll likely top 100 lbs.  Next, I need to work with Guinness.  He won't get as large, but he'll still end up being a good size dog. 

The garden is keeping me busy.  Most days, I pick cucumbers, squash, and okra.  Every few days, I pick tomatoes, lima beans, green beans and crowder peas.  The figs and pawpaws are just beginning to ripen.  I think I've picked the last of the elderberries, and will leave the rest for the birds.  We finally got some rain.  Not enough, and the corn dried up while we were at the beach, but we're grateful.  Growing your own food can be challenging, and each year is different.  We were really hoping to eat homegrown corn, but there's always next year.


cookingwithgas said...

HI! I miss my tomatoes!!!! Enjoy that good, good food!

Stephanie said...

Glad your garden is doing well!! And your dogs! :) Peace, Stephanie