Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nice Surprises

My new central vacuum system is in place, and I'm loving it.  Joseph & I recently got it all hooked up, and it is truly a whole different experience now.  Vacuuming has always been one of my least favorite chores, but dare I say I'm actually enjoying it?  It's quiet, and I don't have to stop and lug the vacuum behind me every few feet, so it's quick.  I never thought this would be something I'd actually ask for as a birthday present, but it's a wonderful thing!

There's another new soap on the curing rack.  I've been doing some research on good flea and tick repelling essential oils.  Once I'd finished my list, I gathered all the oils I had on hand, about a dozen, and put each under Guinness and McNib's noses.  The ones they approved of are now in a dog shamppo bar.  I've been pondering names, and have one that I like a lot.  I'm going to run it by my best name critiquer first.  If it's a go, I'll be sharing it.  If not, I have another idea up my sleeve. 

The birdnest is one I found last week, nestled in the crook of one of the pear trees.  Wishing you a day of nice surprises!


Stephanie said...

Central vacuum cleaners sound interesting. Glad you like yours!! Peace, Stephanie

cookingwithgas said...

Happy Birthday!

Salina said...

I love surprises like that.:) Congratulations on getting a new central vacuum cleanner.