Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Link Love

There are so many good ideas shared by bloggers.  I've mentioned Jill before, and a most delicious juice recipe.  I'm fairly sure it was she who blogged about this wonderful book, though I can't seem to find the link for it.  The book is At Home with Country. It's one of my favorite design books, full of comfortable, soulful homes, from city lofts and seaside homes to treehouses and tents.  I found it in my local library, enjoyed perusing it's pages while at the beach and at home, and will be sad to return it.
The other link was a whole wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe that Elspeth shared. I finally got around to making them last week, and think I'll be making some more this week!  I was surprised how good a cookie using only whole wheat flour could be.  Thanks, Jill and Elspeth, for bringing such good things to my attention.

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