Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet Guinness

The rain is supposed to be moving in, so J & I have been doing outdoor chores before it begins. J did some mowing, and moved some earth around at the pond, to facilitate water flow into it. I filled birdfeeders and pruned our kiwis; also pruned a little on the blueberries, though I didn't want to do much, with the branches already full of blossoms. I'll have to do better next year about pruning them earlier.

We're delighted with our puppy, whom we've decided to name Guinness. A friend suggested it, as he's a "stout" little pup. And it seemed appropriate, being he came into our home the day after St. Patrick's Day. It was tough to catch him standing still for these pictures.

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday. She and Frank visited us, took a walk to see the new pond, and helped collect eggs. Happy Birthday, Mom! Everyday, I take a stroll to see what new plants have come up. Many of the hostas have come up this week, and this morning I saw the peony had come to life. I'd been a little worried about the dwarf pomegranate we planted last year, but it is beginning to leaf out. I so look forward to the day we're picking our own pomegranates. And kiwis, for that matter. OK, we're ready now, so bring on the rain.


cookingwithgas said...

The name works well!
This is just the kind of rain we need-nice and slow.

Mrs. Mac said...

I wish our rain would move on. There has been a continual rain shower for the entire month of March .. and now into April. Only 4 days of sunshine noted for March ..

Your puppy is just too cute. Glad you rescued him .. or did he rescue you ;)

Susan said...

Congratulations! He's adorable. What fun to have puppy energy around for spring.