Saturday, March 5, 2011

Of Green Growing Things

The Wintersowing is pretty exciting. Even with one setback. The Cosmos Sensations seedlings grew fast, reached the top of their "greenhouse" and many rotted. I've opened the containers up for the remaining ones. But, there are other seeds up, including some Bells of Ireland, which I've wanted to grow for years.
Yesterday, I noticed my first indoor seedlings up. Broccoli Calabrese were the first up. This morning, some Catskill brussels sprouts have joined them. Yay!
I had told you about the calla lily J gave me for Valentines Day. The pansy picture tells more of the story. Can you see the sticks in the left foreground? It's one of six roses J gave me, planted into a rose garden! Is this man a keeper, or what?!


laura weant johnson said...

beautiful pictures!! it's so exciting when everything starts to pop up. cosmos are crazy--i planted them with judson last summer, and they actually sprouted in 2 days! within a week, they were getting their first "real" leaves--amazing! just noticed nick drake on your of my all time favorites! happy saturday!

cookingwithgas said...

I am in love with the spring weather even though it looks like I will not have time for a garden again this year- I hope you will let me live through you...again!