Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fungi and Fruit

After checking every day for three weeks, I found some this morning... blooms on our squash plants!  Well, only two plants, but it's a start.  One, maybe both of them, are yellow summer squash.  Bring on the blooms!

The first cucumber blooms appeared a couple of days ago, and today I saw the first teeny tiny cucumber.  Bring those on too, please.

Hoping the pollinators can find the blooms in between the showers...

This one is a bit of a tease, with only green tomatoes in the garden.  Did I mention we have lots of fungi?

On this morning's fungi meander, I did find this, our first passionfruit.  More hope...  Been an interesting year so far, for sure.

Wishing you a safe and Happy 4th of July, one that is dry enough to enjoy sparklers and a spectacular display of fireworks!!! (but not too dry)  


Stephanie said...

Hi Laurie,Enjoyed your mushroom pictures, it certainly has been an interesting year. We are hoping for a dry day tomorrow, too, so we can go see Bombadil at Greensboro's Fun Fourth, and see the fireworks! Peace, Stephanie

Laurie said...

Hope it is dry, and a fun time, Stephanie!