Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Slow Start to Summer

The garden work has taken place between showers.  It's been an unusually wet year so far.  We are about 6 inches above average rainfall.  The garden was off to a slow start, but intermittent warm days have helped it along.  Joseph and I put bean supports up this evening, and I put cages around the eggplant.  There are at least a dozen green tomatoes.  Every day, I look for blooms on the cucumbers and squash... patience.  I made potato salad with this year's first potatoes tonight.  Garlic was harvested last week.

Our first ever gardenia bloom. I noticed today that two more had joined it.

I've been freezing lamb's quarters, and canning mixed berry jam (raspberries, blackberries and mulberries).  It's beginning to feel a bit like summer.

Things I'm enjoying:

this blended coffee drink. I'm of the age where sleep can sometimes be hard to come by.  I enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee, but rarely  make any for the sake of sleep. This iced drink uses only 5 cubes of  coffee, an amount that doesn't seem to affect my sleep.  Yay!

this summer treat, in Sicilian Pistachio.  My Mom's parents were Sicilian immigrants.  Joseph surprised me with some a few days ago, and I'm savoring it little by little.

sweet images here

this book


cookingwithgas said...

that blended banana coffee sounds really good.
Remind me to give you a cucumber or two when I see you.
We ate eggplant from Bobbie last night, it was yummy!

JLK Jewelry said...

the rain has been something! I am loving how all the flowers are enjoying it, we have the biggest echineacas yet. Our garden is off to a slow start as well, plus the voles are giving us lots of woes.

The drink sounds like a nice treat!