Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fine Feathered (& Furry) Friends

A pair of bluebirds was determined to get into one of the windows in the house, and flew from window to window.  I've heard of male birds attacking their reflection in windows, but this behavior was new to me.

The pair were literally hurling themselves at the windows, and nothing would deter them from their mission.

They chirped discontentedly, and also tried the large, half-round window at the shop.  They finally gave up after a few days, finding, I would assume,  more appropriate housing.

Then this big guy showed up last week, which I believe is a Barred Owl.  I've often heard its "Who cooks for you?" call, but this is my first sighting.  It may have heard the recent sound of chicks.  Speaking of chicks, they are now in the coop with the older birds.  They are in a large dog crate, so they can see and get used to each other.  In the evenings, when the older birds free-range, the chicks get the run of the coop and small yard.  We'll let them grow a bit larger before fully integrating them into the flock.  

The pups?  Well, they're always up for a good walk. Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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Stephanie said...

Hey Laurie, That's so funny about the bluebirds! I love the Barred Owls, I hear them often, but haven't seen one here yet. Glad your chickens are doing well. Isn't this weather so beautiful? I know you will enjoy it. Hope we can get together again sometime soon! Peace, Stephanie