Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Joyful Laundress

Fresh green peas, raspberries and calendula have been filling my baskets the past week.  The peas have made it into salads, fresh pea soup, and some peas and pastry that Joseph grew up eating.  Last night, I tried a recipe for tomato cream sauce with peas over pasta.  It was good, but not what I was trying to recreate, so I'll keep looking.  If you've got a good pea recipe, please do share.  Raspberries have been eaten fresh, mixed with other fruits.  The calendula is being dried, for soaps and salves.  The first salad from spring lettuces was eaten last night.  The tender leaves of just-picked lettuces are heavenly.

The sewing machine is back out on the kitchen table.  Yesterday, I worked on a couple of things for our home, including a rag bag made out of a pillowcase, and some new things for the shop.  There will be eye pillows, therapy pillows and laundry bags listed, once I have time to take pictures.  There is one new listing in the shop, consisting of a laundry bag, dryer balls and laundry soap, called The Joyful Laundress.  I'm looking forward to a bit more sewing on this lovely rainy day.


cookingwithgas said...

ah laurie lovely post- makes me want to eat some peas and wash some clothes.

Stephanie said...

Hi Laurie, I just found out through Facebook that you and the other Lark artists will be at the Art and Alpaca show this Saturday!! This is very near my home and I am planning on coming out for it. I hope I will see you there!! :) Peace, Stephanie

Laurie said...

That's wonderful Stephanie! I'm looking forward to seeing you!