Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet Spring Days~ Fledglings and Vintage-Inspired Laundry Bags

Do you see that little ball of fluffy sweetness among the branches?  I was in the midst of sewing when Joseph asked me to put the pups in the house, and told me he had something to give to me.  There is a large oak tree that shades the shop.  The guys were working outside when this little fledgling had a bit of a rough first go, and landed on the ground near them. I put it in the orchard, with Mama & Papa bird, yellow finches, hovering and chirping nearby.  I watched from afar for a few minutes, but then left, to give them some space.  When I returned, they had flown off. Another happy ending!

I had been sewing some laundry bags, to take to Mud and Suds this weekend.  I was so pleased to nab some natural linen and linen blend fabric at the thrift store not long ago, to make them with. I added some vintage touches, and they turned out even better than I envisioned.  I'm finishing up the last one.  There have been some rumblings, and the rain is supposed to start any time, so I wanted to get a picture of these at least.  I did not follow any tutorial; just began piecing together and sewing.  I did find a page from Sew, Mama, Sew!, which has several lovely looking tutorials, if you're inclined to give it a go yourself.  Hope you'll come by the show this weekend, and let your friends know too (shameless plug).

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Linda Starr said...

Those laundry bags are beautiful I love vintage fabrics, there was so much style in the artistic design of them and you have put them to good use.

How fun to see the baby birds, so sweet they are.