Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Blooming Thursday

There was a frost here last night.  J & I covered all we could with row cover, sheets, burlap and whatever else we could scrounge up.  The kiwis, potatoes, some grapes and the uncovered figs were pretty hard hit.  As this was the first year of kiwi buds, we hope they'll come back.  I'm looking forward to eating some homegrown kiwis.  We cut our first two roses last night as well.  Hopefully the rosebuds on all the bushes survived, and we'll soon have many more flowers.

The clematis and lily of the valley have been blooming, along with spiderwort, red clover, iris and pink phlox.

The atamasco lilies began blooming this week along the path. 

It's always a treat to ID a new native plant on this land.  On tonight's walk with the pups, I found some Amsonia blue star down at the seasonal creek.  Blue is my favorite flower color, so I was especially excited to find it.  In addition to a good sized clump, I saw two smaller plants, and am pondering trying to move one or both to the part-shade garden.  Oh, I do love spring!


Mrs. Mac said...

Oh .. I so do hope your garden and plants were not too severely damaged! We are just barely emerging into spring and don't plant out much (uncovered) before Mother's Day. I like your newly discovered native plant.

meredith said...

such beautiful blooms. i hope that your kiwis will recover. this early spring has been equal parts blessing and curse. i have been running out to the garden every other day to cover everything--we have had so many nights that threaten frosts and freezes lately. i hope that these temperatures will settle down in another week or two!

cookingwithgas said...

it is that time of year and we were all fooled by that early summer in Feb.