Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WinterSowing and A Touch of Spring

I hope you've all been having a good week. A touch of spring is in the air here. It's got me thinking of all the things I need to do!

-Vegetable seeds to start. I did give wintersowing another try with at least a dozen different flowers, and am hoping for the best. This year, I have the pots where the chickens can't reach them, so I'm hoping for beautiful things. I'm going to try doing the vegi seeds differently this year, being I'm at home most days. I'll put them outdoors during the day, instead of spending all their time under grow lights. I'm hoping for nice strong plants!

-Plant peas. I think I'm pushing the limits with this one.

-Pruning. So far, I've only managed to get my butterfly bushes and 4 apple trees pruned. I've got a long ways to go. Also have flower beds I've not yet cleaned up.

-Spring cleaning. I've been noticing lots of cobwebs lately. There's no hiding them when you heat with wood!

Yesterday, I canned mushrooms for the first time. I hadn't really used canned mushrooms until recently. Since I've quit nursing, I'm at the grocery store less and less. I like to have some on hand for pizzas, sauces, etc., and had been keeping the thought to possibly can my own. When I saw some at a good price yesterday, I bought 3 lbs, and canned them last night. It's the second time I've used the reusable Tattler lids, and today was dismayed to find 6 out of 13 jars did not seal properly. I expect it's user error. I often have a learning curve with new things. I gave it another try tonight, and will check tomorrow. I figured out I spent 34 cents for a 4 oz jar. Not bad, when Walgreens charges 1.19 for theirs.

When I went to write this post, I noticed it was my 250th! So, to celebrate in a small way, here's a link I found this week : Air Tap! This young man reminds me of a Summer's night I was up close at an outdoor concert in L.A., enjoying Michael Hedges. Both are pretty amazing guitar players to listen to. The picture is one of the gifts my sweet man gave me for St. Valentines Day. More to come!

*Update*- All jars sealed perfectly this time. Yay!


cookingwithgas said...

the weather has been with us this week!
Love it and would like for it to stick around.

Mrs. Mac said...

I bought Tattler lids last month and haven't used them yet. A friend had the same problem with her first batch of canning .. but discovered she was not using them properly .. sometimes it takes a little experimenting to get it perfect. Glad they worked out .. can't wait to try mine this summer. I've never thought of canning mushrooms. I buy freeze dried ones in a big tub .. they last all year.