Monday, February 21, 2011

A Clean Slate

I'm filled with high hopes this morning. The end of last week, I did a thorough house cleaning. Not a full spring cleaning, but a good cleaning, complete with mopping. Which is a thorough cleaning in this house. Having peaceful, orderly surroundings has inspired me to tackle my paperwork. Paperwork and email are the two most challenging things for me to keep up with. So, I've decided to dedicate an hour a day to getting my paperwork in order. I'm going to take the lead of others, and set a timer. When it goes off, I'll move on to the other things I want to accomplish this week-- lots of soap wrapping, seed starting, and stitchery of both the machine-stitched and handwork variety. Maybe it will even inspire me to tackle my email inboxes.


JLK Jewelry said...

That is what I need to do too! Especially that sun porch, full of dead leaves. Instead we built a wall in the garden! Hard to stay inside, but I need to take your advice on paperwork and dedicate some time to our taxes. See you soon??

Dana said...

There must be something in the air! I just had 3 days off and I too tackled some much needed spring cleaning! I took a load to the Goodwill. I have a pile of 'stuff' to put on Ebay. I have the makings of another pile to take to Goodwill. My 'burn box' is full of junk mail and other discards. We tackled the kitchen cabinets and got them clean and organized!

It feels good doesn't it?



Susan {Florali} said...

I agree with Dana...something in the air. I finally had a day off yesterday, and spent most of it cleaning. So satisfying. And your kitchen looks sparkly and very cozy.

Lesley Austin said...

Oh, Laurie! How lovely your kitchen earthy and simply beautiful. I suspect that Juniper would feel right at home there.

I, too, have had the same urgings to pare down and clean, but haven't actually begun. : ) For me, I think it is going to be a deep, long-term project.

Thank you so much for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Great looking kitchen. But what is that in the left side of the picture, it looks like a tree, but I doubt that you have tree in your kitchen so I guess is some sort of plant. Can you tell me what?
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Laurie said...

Thanks so much for all your kind comments! Sounds like the spring cleaning bug has bitten us all. Tim, that is indeed a tree in the picture. I built this house with trees off this land, and what you see is one of two similarly curving ones that are supports on either side of my hearth.