Friday, February 25, 2011

Green Business

The fab shop got spiffed up by J, with a coat of green paint on all the trim. It's coming right along. I planted green peas this week- a mix of Little Marvel, Pioneer and Early Alaska. This morning is warm and rainy, so I'm hoping the peas and all the cold frame greens will be encouraged to grow. We haven't gotten much from our cold frame this winter, except for some lettuce, a couple picks of spinach, and parsley for soup, sauces and potato salad. The kale, swiss chard, mixed winter greens and broccoli are doing very well the past few weeks. I have high hopes a winter salad is in our near future. We had a couple early in the winter, made with mostly volunteer garlic mustard, but it just wasn't the same. Bring on the greens!

I've been soap wrapping up a storm, and have recruited help for the weekend. Though I haven't managed it daily, I have had some one-hour paperwork sessions. It's amazing what can be accomplished in a focused hour. Hooray for organization.

Several things are up in my Wintersown containers. So far, I've seen Cosmos, Bachelor Buttons and Poppies. High hopes, I tell ya! Have a happy weekend, everyone!


JLK Jewelry said...

Wow, look at the shop. It looks totally different than the last time we saw it!! Yipee for rain. Our new spinach and lettuce has popped up with the radishes, no carrots or daikon yet though. Good idea on planting flower seeds, I think I'll get going on that one too.

Kiki aka Victoria said... fabulous!

And yum..salad sounds yummy right about now! I also adore cosmos...they are one of my faves!!
Have a beautiful week ahead Laurie!