Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Magic

The spring cleaning is finished. Doesn't a house just feel so much nicer when all the dust bunnies and grime are removed? And fresh air enlivens the space? Some fresh flowers set around. The product I mentioned that helped me in my cleaning efforts is a Magic Eraser. I'm embarrassed to say that Joseph had gifted me with a pack, as a stocking stuffer Christmas of 2008, and I had never tried them. I put them under the kitchen sink, and never thought of them. Shame on me, 'cause they're great. And I remember reading they're nontoxic, though I don't exactly remember how they work. They erased most scuff marks on the walls. I'm so glad I was inspired to try them.

We're ready for the family. With a bit of creative seating, we'll hold 17 in this little house today. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, with fresh air, fresh flowers, and whatever spring lovelies bring you happiness.

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