Saturday, June 20, 2009

Foiling the Squirrels

The weather has been interesting lately. Thursday morning, we got 5 1/4" rain in about 3 hrs. It flattened the corn, & I had to take an alternate route to work, as the creek was up over the bridge. Today has been hot & steamy. After our garden chores, Joseph said he was going to work on a pole to put the bird feeders on. This one was going to be a lot taller, to keep the squirrels from eating so much birdseed. I'm happy to have them share what falls to the ground; not happy when they empty the feeders! Anyway, it seemed Joseph had been working on it a long time out in the heat, so I went to check how it was coming along, & found this... I love creative minds!


cookingwithgas said...

I love it! I hope it scares the squirrels silly!
Of course it takes a lot to discourage a crafty squirrel.
That Joseph is s pretty smart and creative guy!
We wil have to get together again soon. We enjoyed it.

Mama T said...

That is too funny. That Joseph is something else! I'll have to show Frank when he comes home from work.
Let me know if it works.