Saturday, May 9, 2009

Strawberries & Lady Fingers

Today Joseph & I have been processing a bounty of local, organic strawberries. First we put some through the juicer & made strawberry syrup. A good portion of it will likely be used in vinaigrettes next winter, when we need a taste of summer. While they were processing, we made a batch of strawberry ice cream, then canned the remainder. I expect we'll use a lot of those in smoothies. The beautiful bowl is by Crystal King, one of the many talented folks I'm blessed to live around. I also made a batch of lady fingers, my first experience using a pastry bag. They're not as pretty as store-bought, but we came up empty in the local stores & I wanted to use them in a pretty dessert that my dear friend Mark's Mom used to make. I'll be taking it to my family's Mother's Day gathering.


cookingwithgas said...

where are you picking your strawberries?
I would love to get some.
Look at you! Lady fingers- such talent!
I should have been at your house today!

Laurie said...

We were lazy, & got them through Eco-Farms, an entity at Joseph's work. They're a wholesaler, but we were able to get some. They were gone by the next day. We did buy some at Weaver St Market that were also good. Also saw some at Chatham Market. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!