Monday, September 10, 2012

Herbs Make Good Scents

The weekend was mellower than many lately, including a 50th birthday party we attended.  I hope yours was an enjoyable one.  Herbs were gathered yesterday-- first jiaogulan, which I'm drying, and will turn into a medicinal tincture.  I planted the vine two years ago, and this was the first harvest.  There are a number of claims to this herb; adaptogen, immune strengthening, cholesterol lowering, anti-aging and cancer inhibiting among them.  It is often compared to ginseng.  More info here.  I'm looking forward to trying this one.

Then shiso, both both purple and green.  Shiso is edible, as well as being a good anti-inflammatory herb.  I've begun a tincture with it.  This is one Joseph takes daily, so I wanted to replenish our supply.

Last was Sweet Annie, which are drying in bundles, and will soon be available in my shop.  I'd known this sweet-smelling plant as a strewing herb, but learned it also has medicinal value as an anti-malarial, as well as parasitic.  Another anti-malarial that is native on this land is Wild Quinine.  I've never harvested it, but admire it on my walks.   Now that the medicinal herbs are in progress, I really ought to begin making pesto out of all that basil out there!   Which herbs are you growing for food or medicine?


cookingwithgas said...

yes, it does.
Made a pie with the pears- me! I did it was wonderful!

Laurie said...

I'd love that recipe, M!