Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let The Sun Shine In

If they're right about the forecast, we're getting ready to have four days of triple digits.  Those will be good days to stay indoors, once the early morning animal and garden chores are done.  We still haven't gotten any rain, except for a 20 second tease. 

With watering our plants being such an issue, Joseph has been working as hard as he can on the pond.  If I've not mentioned it before, we only get a gallon a minute flow from our 500 ft well.  Last night, he came in to dinner all disgruntled, having found that our neighbor had basically pushed up a brushpile and covered it with dirt to create our dam.  Not happy..... not happy at all.   Speaking of less than ideal neighbors, I walked the far edge of our property yesterday in search of blackberries, and found our new neighbors had set up their pack of dogs on our land, on chains and in doglots.  Grrrrrrr...  Some people really ought to be ashamed of themselves.  Once I can speak calmly, we'll be going next door for a little chat. 

Well, if all our flowers bite the dust, I may just have to keep the glass flowers I've been working on.  In the meantime, I'm off to do some watering!


cookingwithgas said...

Oh Laurie! No! I know you are not happy and do something now, don't let it eat you up. The longer you wait the harder it might be.
I am not happy about the heat! Ugh!

Stephanie said...

Hi!! Yesterday was so never got above 78 inside without the air on, even when I baked bread!! I guess we have some hot days ahead. I'm watering everyday, too, and would always welcome the rain...sure hope it visits us again, soon! It must have been quite a shock to find someone using your property...they must leave!! And, your glass flowers are lovely. Tell Joseph we say hello and good luck with the dam(n).