Monday, March 12, 2012

Sow and Sew

Daylight Savings Time is taking a little bit of adjustment, but it's nice having light so late in the day again.  I planted lots of containers for Wintersowing last week.  I had good luck with it last year, so thought I'd try another round.  Some plants were 2 lavenders, including an Alba, forget-me-nots, Hollyhocks Queeny Purple  and Summer Carnival Rosy Pink, and a hibiscus Joseph grew at his house.

The above pic was my first attempt at sewing burp cloths.  They were part of a gift I recently brought to a friend's baby shower.  I used a towel for one side, laid it face to face with a colorful cotton fabric and sewed around the edges, leaving about half of one of the short sides unsewn to be able to turn it inside out.  Once I turned it inside out, I topstitched around all the edges, then embellished with ribbons.  I thought they turned out well for a first try.  I forget the finished measurements.  They're folded in half for the picture.  Next up, I believe will be a table runner.

I know there are folks who read my blog who are not on my facebook, so thought I'd let you know I've been working on a new page, and would be delighted if you'd visit, and "like" me, if you're so inclined.!/AbelaBodycare  Thank you kindly!


Linda Starr said...

Lavender and hollyhocks, two of my favorites, oh those will be nice.

Laurie said...

Linda, I hope they'll all germinate. I'm later getting them started this year. Fingers crossed.