Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nourishing Traditions and a Couple of Pigs

Several weeks back, I read Nourishing Traditions.  I'd seen mention of it on several blogs, and waited for it to become available at the library.  Before I returned it to the library, the bits of paper hanging out of it made for quite a festive looking book.  I mentioned to Joseph that there were many recipes I'd like to try, and a few days later, he gifted me with a copy.  There are still many recipes I want to try, as all I've made is the breakfast oats. It's impressive that with the addition of some kefir and sometimes whey from my yogurt, water & salt, and left to sit overnight, it takes only about 5 minutes to cook, instead of the usual 25.  I really like how tender it is, with just a hint of sour from the kefir.  I've also been buying whole milk, instead of 2%, due to reading the book.  Does anyone have experience with other recipes from the book? 

Some new metal art was taken to a local shop yesterday.  It's great fun painting Joseph's creations.

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cookingwithgas said...

cute- love those pig lips!