Friday, January 15, 2010

To Haiti with Love

My heart has been heavy, for the suffering in Haiti. In the mid 80's, I was lucky to have known Kathleen, a dear woman from Haiti. She was a coworker and friend. She and her husband, Gi, planned on saving what they could, then moving back to Haiti to teach and help others. We exchanged letters for a number of years. Her last letter told of her plans to move back. As she did not yet know her address, she gave me her sister's florist in Port Au Prince. When I next wrote, the florist was no longer, and no forwarding address was given. I've thought of Kathleen a lot this year. I searched online, but expect the lifestyle of so many there made it unlikely they'd spend much if any time online. If you'd like to help, but not sure where, one of the many groups of folks doing good around the world is Mercy Corps. Another way each of us can help is to send our love and light to all those who are suffering. It all makes a difference.

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