Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soap & The Power of Love

Today I've made a batch of Skin Soother soap. It's one I created at Joseph's request, to help with dry itchy skin. It's got all sorts of goodies in it- calendula extract & petals, ground oats, tea tree oil, and it's superfatted with cocoa butter to make it especially rich. I'd been putting calendula petals in the soap, but they don't show very well, so I decided to also sprinkle some on top today. I think I'm going to like it.
Ever since I read June's post yesterday, which included a Youtube link about a wonderful rescue story in Haiti, I've been thinking about television. Since moving here in '96, I've chosen to live without television. I can't say I really have missed it. There's always plenty to occupy my time without it. If something major happens, I know I can watch it streaming, from the computer, which Joseph and I did for the Presidential inauguration. It seems so much of what was on TV was less than uplifting. Maybe that's changed, but I don't expect so. But it's good to see a story of hope, of love, of faith against all odds. The fierce kind of love I expect a mother has for her children. And if they're lucky, the kind of love a spouse has for their beloved. Doing what they do, against all hope, because that's what love does. That story gave me hope. If this is what is being shown on cnn, it may be another sign we're moving in the right direction.


cookingwithgas said...

The soap sounds wonderful, it makes me want to soak in a tub.
We too suffer from birds and windows.
I have never figured out the best way to keep them from the windows.
But some times they are just fine and will fly off after a bit.

hunamongyou said...

Thank you forcreating such a wonderful soap! It's really a bar of love that also happens to be a really great soap.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The soap looks and sounds like it's great. I love handmade soap!
I read your previous post about the poor bird that hit your window, we have that happen every so often too. You were very kind to take care of it.

Beegirl said...

Hi! Your soap looks wonderful! I haven't tried to make it in years. Thanks for stopping by the Burbs!

Laurie said...

Thanks, everyone, for all your kind comments! I sure have fun making it.

Anne-Marie said...

This soap sounds divine! Your skin is going to LOVE it.

I'm with you on the TV subject. You can practically find anything on the internet these days!