Sunday, July 30, 2017

Simple Summer Meals & Frugal Accomplishments

Hello, friends.  I'm delighted to report that after more than a month with no rain, high temps and hot breezes, we received rain of .2" Friday night and early Saturday.  We dearly need more, but it's a start.  Everything was in a fairly critical state on this land, with large cracks in the earth in places, so we are thankful for the blessing of rain.  The little bouquet was cut from the homestead.  I'm joining with The Prudent Homemaker today.

On Monday, I received a call asking me to work the rest of the week at one of my occasional jobs. After working Tuesday to Friday mornings, I ran many errands while in town.  I brought my water bottle and a snack each day.  The thrift store that supports the local SPCA is only open Fri's and Sat's, and on Friday, I went by there.  I found 2 large embroidery/quilting hoops for .25 & .50, 4 frames for .25 ea, and another frame for .10.  There was also a pretty wicker trash can for $3 and what I think is a cherry pitter for .25.  I'm hoping we'll have some cherries to pit next year.  Some nice treasures for just $5 & change.  On Monday, I cleaned, researched, photographed and figured shipping on 6 ebay items.  After a break, I'm getting back to trying to sell some friend's antiques.  They were listed on Tuesday.  I'm really hoping all the work put into it will be paid back with good sales, but so far, it's looking doubtful.  Things seem to have shifted on ebay since I began selling for them, and I'm not sure if there's anything I can do.  I think I'll try increasing from 5 to 7 day auctions, to see if that helps.  If I find similar items online, I do make sure my starting price is lower, unless what I see is in significantly worse shape than my item.  All suggestions welcomed.

One night, I made pasta sauce with homegrown tomatoes, tromboncino squash, onion and herbs.  The next night, with what was leftover, I heated some homemade crescent rolls from the freezer.  Another night we had vegi BLT's & asian cucumbers.  Meals in the summer tend to be simpler here, even more so when they're working days.  When I got in from work on Friday, I pulled 3.5 gallon bags of vegi bits from the freezer, and made broth, which I let simmer most of the evening.  I like a good, rich broth, and added pieces of reishi mushroom for it's goodness.  I always intend to do this, and am glad I remembered this time.  Once it cooled,  it was put in the fridge overnight, and on Saturday, I reheated and canned it, getting 7 pints for the pantry.  Last week, I harvested cucumbers, yellow and tromboncino squash, eggplant, tomatoes, okra, apples, peaches, and herbs.

One a walk with the pups one evening, I found this feather.  The best I can determine, it's a tail feather from a chuck will's widow.  Neither J nor I had ever heard of this bird.  It's a good thing to learn more about the spot where you live.  If any bird lovers identify this differently, please share.  The hens have been sharing lots of eggs, which we and the pups have been enjoying.  J scrambled some and had them with sliced tomatoes one morning, and I had a couple poached.  Garden vegetables, jams and eggs were shared with several friends this week.

The Ameraucana chicks are doing well.  I've been making their feed, according to what I've read, and giving them various fruit, vegi & grain treats.  They're 9 weeks old now, so in just another week or so, we will likely try introducing them to the rest of the flock.  I mended a sweater, and did a slight alteration on a blouse.  I don't know if it's because I'm older, or if it's today's fashions, but I seem to end up with things that show some cleavage, which I'm not especially wanting to do. To remedy that, I've put a few stitches an inch or so higher on shirts and a dress, to be more modest and comfortable to wear.  We were gifted a cantaloupe.  Melons didn't get planted here this year, so we especially enjoyed it.  This morning, I harvested elderberries from one patch, and removed the stems.  I'm heading to the other patch, then all will go into a batch of tincture.  We're having gloriously cooler temperatures and low humidity.  I enjoyed coffee at the pond this morning, and intend to enjoy time outdoors today.  Enjoy your day however you spend it!


Terri Cheney said...

I was seeing my husband off to work one early morning this spring and heard the Chuck Will's Widow bird call. I'd heard Whippoorwill before but never Chuck Will's Widow. It's call was intriguing enough to send me indoors to find the bird book and look up that sort of call. I've only just gotten one glimpse of a whippoorwill and that many years ago. We apparently have both here on the property.

Laurie said...

Me too, Terri! We've heard whippoorwills, but I didn't know about these being here. I need to listen to the call, and see if I can discern it here.

cookingwithgas said...

I am pretty happy to see that caterpillar enjoying your dill. I planted dill just to have it all dry up. I am thankful for some of the rain. It was great to see you last week.

cookingwithgas said...

I had planted dill in hopes to see some of those caterpillars- I hope you get to enjoy the butterflies you will see next. Keep an eye on them to see if you can catch them changing. A little rain today! Yeah!

Laurie said...

My dill dried up a while ago too, Meredith. This was on the parsley, which still had a bit of life in it. I do hope we'll get some rain!