Sunday, June 4, 2017

Antique Wardrobe Redo & Frugal Accomplishments

Hello, friends.  Now that things are beginning to return to normal, I've gotten back to working on the antique wardrobe.  Since working on it last, the laminate of the lower panel on the other side started buckling.  As I did with the first one, I removed it, sanded and primed it per J's instruction.  I cleaned up the entire body of it, which was quite dirty, and began painting it with antique white chalk paint.  I'll be glad when it's finished, so I have somewhere to put my sewing supplies.   J has been waiting for me to strip two vintage porch posts for the front of the house, so I'll be able to start on that project next.

In addition to store bought chicken and vegetarian bbq chicken for Memorial Day, I made deviled eggs, asian slaw, and pasta salad from pantry items and our eggs, cabbage and basil.  I made the year's first lavender lemonade with our lavender.  We went to Lowe's that morning, and I bought landscape blocks on sale (19% off) with their credit card for another 5% discount, which I'll pay off when due.  Another night, pasta was made with our tomatoes, garlic and herbs.  Mulberries, a few raspberries and blackberries have been gathered, some enjoyed in a smoothie one morning, others frozen.

When planning the upcoming wedding celebration, the caterer told me renting napkins would cost $1 per napkin.  I thought that seemed quite expensive, so began looking for an alternative.  Though I preferred a reusable napkin, I did check out prices for pretty paper napkins, and the ones I liked were also quite expensive.  I checked etsy and ebay, and found no good deals, and didn't think I could find enough alike (44) at a thrift store.  The one new fabric I liked came from the UK, and shipping made it crazy expensive.  Thinking outside the box, I ended up buying two antique linen table runners, which were not all that much more than the rented ones would have been.  I did have some guilt and a slight bit of anxiety when I began cutting them up, but now I will have napkins and eventually cleaning rags for years to come.

I froze the lambs quarter I harvested, which gave me a side dish for six meals.  Hummingbird food, yogurt and kefir were made, and eggs boiled.  Our hen is still sitting.  In a week, I'll begin listening for little peeps.  The first yellow squash is about 2" long.  There are quite a few small cucumbers, and several tomatoes too.  Anticipation!  We're headed to an out of town funeral this morning.  Wishing you a most wonderful week!


April said...

LOVE the toad!! Is it coming to call????

Laurie said...

April... yes! Froggy came a calling! Ha!