Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Morning's Walk

Hello, friends!  I hope you've been doing well. I thought I'd share this morning's walk, and a bit about the road trip today. My sister, niece and I stayed at a lovely B&B in Asheville.  We ate very well, though much richer and sweeter than our typical daily fare.  I've mentioned before one of my favorite restaurants in the area, which they loved too.  Another I'd been wanting to try was a hit as well.

Our first morning, we visited the Western NC farmer's market, which may have been the highlight of the trip.  Though there was not a lot of fresh produce to be had, there was an amazing amount of other offerings.  Canned and dried items, spices, coffee, peanut butter, and a selection of art and crafts among them.  I purchased locally roasted coffee, brazil nuts (of course not local, but J's favorite), and a small chicken made from a gourd.  We then visited thrift and consignment shops, before heading downtown, where we had "lunch" at the French Broad chocolate lounge.  They were out of my first choice for hot chocolate, flavored with rose, cardamom & pistachio, so I chose one with maple and smoked salt.  I wanted to try something I wouldn't likely make at home.  Yum!

We then headed out to explore downtown, visiting shops and enjoying many street musicians along the way.  My niece's fitbit showed that we walked just over 5 miles that day.  One of our favorite shops was Mast General Store.  I'd been to the original in Valle Crucis, but it was my first visit to this one.  I purchased healthy treats for the pups and a rag rug there.  On our last morning, after being fortified by another lovely breakfast, we headed for home.  Our plans for stopping at a couple of thrift stores recommended online went south, driving by one that was large and highly rated, but traffic prevented an easy return to, then stopping at another that was little more than a glorified junk hole.  Oh well, we have great memories and more than a few treasures to get us by until our next road trip.

I've mentioned before how grateful I am to have acres of hay field behind our land, and a long access road that stays locked unless they're working the land.  Up until recently, I hadn't taken advantage of the road very often, but I've been enjoying walking it these quiet mornings.

One of the things I most enjoy about walking is seeing what is new each day.  Which blooms, birds, rocks, lichen and other things of interest are noticed along the way.

The pups are loving these longer walks too.  I'm glad to have them as walking companions.  I hope you enjoy the day!


Jane said...

What a nice trip! I've heard of Mast General Store, always wanted to go there. Golly, it looks like Spring down your way. This must be why people love it.


Laurie said...

It is lovely here, Jane. A nice change of seasons, but nothing too extreme. We do have snow in the forecast this weekend, and a low of 20, though. 70's yesterday and today... the poor fruit doesn't know what to do.