Monday, May 23, 2016

Kombucha Restart & Frugal Accomplishments

I'm joining in with The Prudent Homemaker's Frugal Accomplishments, who had a little one last week, and didn't even miss a post.  Last week, I pulled weeds for the chickens.  Made chard gratin with our fresh and frozen chard & homemade bread crumbs.  There was about 1/2 cup of leftover lambs quarter & spaghetti squash, which I added to the chard dish.  Harvested several spilanthes flowers, which I'm drying for tincture.  Planted several types of sunflowers in a new garden area that is along the road; hoping it will look cheerful to those who drive past.  Made my Swagbucks goal, and cashed in points for an Amazon gift card.  Bought a couple of items needed for my massage and soap businesses; went through ebates for 3% off & used a $20 off coupon on my order.

During my trip to CO, I read my first Kindle book, one I had bought on composting.  One of the ideas it gave was to place pulled weeds directly around fruit trees, allowing them to break down in place, rather than going through the compost bin first.  I've started trying this.  Anything that saves a step sounds good, & it will also save room in my compost bin, which is nearly full now.  I won't do this with anything that has gone to seed, as I want the weeds to enrich the soil but not proliferate.  I made soup with our canned summer squash and tomatoes, & celery and basil I had frozen.  I've been mindful to work on clearing out the freezer for the upcoming summer harvest.  I found some muffins while in the freezer, so took those out too. We'll have those for breakfast and snacks.

My experiment to use dried berry seeds & pulp left over from last years canning is one of my better successes.  I've been using it in each batch of bird suet I make, and have been pondering other ways to use it, as it won't be long before berries will be here again.  I mixed it into the chicks food, and plan on adding it to the pups food.  Such good antioxidants for everyone, and no need to waste any of it.  I reglued a pair of slippers and sneakers.  Worked on revitalizing my kombucha, which sat on the shelf ignored all winter.  It still smelled & looked good, so I thought it was worth trying.  There was lots of scoby after so many months.  Part of it was cut up & given to the chickens; the rest was chopped up and added to the compost bin.  The extra kombucha liquid was added to the chicken waterer with just a bit added to the little chicks waterer.

 soup & avocado toast while minding the shop
I baked golden scallop squash from the freezer, made The Prudent Homemaker's black bean burgers using our eggs & homemade bread crumbs, & roasted our canned green beans and thyme.  I often finish at Hospice too late to make it to the farmer's market, but lucked out this week, & was able to buy pesticide-free lettuce and strawberries.  Also bought asparagus from friends, & shared a dozen eggs with them.  Made a bean soup in the crock pot.  The soup had been given to me as a canning jar gift.  It's rainy and likely the coolest day until the fall (high of 60).  Baked a pie with left over sweet potatoes, our eggs & homemade vanilla.  J got all the cabinet knobs put up in the new room and pantry.  I made yogurt & kefir. Gave the chickens the top bits of strawberries and some mock strawberries.  Saved all the little trimmings of soap as I cleaned the bars up for wrapping.  They'll be turned into soap gel when I have enough.

first layer of wrap on an order of small soaps
 Worked on sewing my quilt binding, getting two more sides finished. Now I just need to finish the side where I started.  Cut flowers for the house.  Gave the pups eggs and homemade kefir with their dinners.  I brought leftovers for lunch 2 days while working away from home, shop sitting for a pottery.  I used my time well while there.  After I finish doing what needs done, & in between customers, I work on things I often don't get to at home.  This week, I wrapped lots of soap, sewed the quilt binding, & worked on wool dryer balls.  This posts photos were all taken on a shop sitting day.  Weeded several areas in the garden, & put them in the paths to discourage more weeds.  Transplanted several plants growing wild on this land to the area along the new walk, including yellow stargrass, ferns, and small's ragwort.  Roasted our potatoes and herbs. Have you done anything lately to save time or resources?


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