Monday, March 7, 2016

March Blooms, Mushroom Farming & Frugal Accomplishments

The first crocuses, grape hyacinths and snowbells have begun blooming.  It always brings cheer and hope to see flowers blooming when it's still cold and blustery, don't you think?  The current version of our hoop house has no way to walk in it when closed up, so it's been difficult to see much.  With some warmer days, I had opened it up.  I harvested a good handful of broccoli that was trying to go to flower, and was happy to find the celery I thought had died doing very well.  I baked a cobbler with our canned peaches.  I took advantage of senior day at Walgreens, and bought several greeting cards I'll be needing for 20% off.  I try to keep an eye out for cards at thrift stores, and get some at Dollar General & Big Lots,  but Walgreens selection is a bit nicer.

Last week, I went through ebates for a purchase for our addition project, saving close to $8.  I researched something J said he'd like for his birthday. Instead of getting it from the catalog he gave me, I found it elsewhere for $13.50 less.  I made yogurt and kefir, and boiled eggs for the pups.  Once it cooled, I used the egg boiling water for house plants.  Did laundry with homemade soap, and hung it on the line to dry.  Lettuce seeds have finally started sprouting.  I did sow the oldest seeds, which I generally try to do, and it appears their germination rate is not very high.  Mended where the sole was coming away from my slippers.  Grated cauliflower leaves and core for the pups.  One of the eggs had a shell that was paper thin on one end, which broke on the way to the house.  I gave that one plus another to the pups.

I sold a couple of items on ebay.  Pulled chickweed for the chickens on the way to collect eggs.  Gave them some of the free grains every day, and started a batch of wheat berries for sprouting.  I was meeting my sister for dinner in Greensboro, and scheduled bringing my taxes while there.  There were a couple of hours before we met, so I went to Whole Foods.  I only had a few things on my list, which included checking butter prices.  They had organic butter 2/$5, so I bought 9 lbs!  I've been keeping my eye out for a sale for quite some time.  I never saw a sale over the holidays, and have been paying $5.79/lb., so I was very happy to be able to stock up.  I also went to 2 thrift stores in the area, and bought only a wool vest for J for $1.

I'd been pondering various pieces that could be used for sleeping in the new room, leaning towards Murphy beds or a daybed.  I found a freestanding Murphy bed locally, with gorgeous carved woodwork, but it unfortunately was missing all its innards.  J searched and found a daybed.  We drove to Bassett, Virginia one evening to pick it up.  It could use some love, but I think it looks like it belongs here.   The woman was handling her Mom's estate, who recently died at 96.  This woman graduated from my high school one year ahead of me (the 50-something woman, not the 96 year old :o).  It is surely a small world, friends.  J even found a nice cushion for it, which arrived quickly and seems quite comfortable.  Let the pajama parties begin :o).  We still have a few jobs to do before the room is finished, but we're getting closer all the time.

While J was perusing the Amazon pantry goods, he came across this oyster mushroom kit.  Mushroom growing has been on our "list" for a few years, so we're sticking our toe in with this kit.  I'm quite sure I've eaten oyster mushrooms as part of a bought mix of wild mushrooms, and in pasta dishes at restaurants, but I don't really know what they taste like on their own.  I've read they're mild, and expect to love them.  I'll be sure to share a photo if we get mushrooms.  I'm happy to be joining in with Frugal Accomplishments today.


Anonymous said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I enjoyed looking at them.

Michèle Hastings said...

The day bed looks like a beautiful find!

Suzie Simplelife said...

Laurie lots of frugal goodies as the day bed and cushion. I don't eat mushrooms , but if I did I would certainly grow them. Hope they go well. :-)

April said...

Look at all the flowers! As I have often said, it is just sheer pleasure coming to your blog and seeing the photos you post.

Camp Mac said...

What a small world...and such wonderful finds! The daybed is beautiful and that cushion looks perfect for it!
Was wondering if you'd mind sharing where you found it ( the cushion)?

Laurie said...

Tracey, it came from Urban Outfitters. There are 4 solids in addition to this print.
Thanks for your visit and comment!

Jane said...

I love your daybed! It's so nice to read about gardening. It will be another six weeks before we can start our garden, but your beautiful pictures really have me itching to get started. Just started our tomatoes (indoors) this weekend. Love your blog!