Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day

Like much of the east coast, we're having a winter storm.  We've had snow and sleet today.  The dreaded freezing rain is said to be arriving tonight.  I'm hoping they're wrong about that.

It's a hot cocoa kind of day.  It's possible it will be a hot buttered rum kind of night.  Got to stay good and warm, don't you know?  The woodstove is going, bottles of water are filled, groceries are in the pantry.  We're ready for whatever the weekend throws at us.

I've been working on my many piles of paper today, getting them in order for taxes.  I've rewarded myself in between with a bit of computer surfing.

I thought this was a sweet nature inspired collection.  It makes me think of my niece, Heather, who is just a few short weeks away from delivering her first little one.

While in Raleigh last Sunday, we visited this lovely bakery.

This dressed up version of oatmeal looks worth a try.

This is the day's theme song.

OK friends, it's back to the papers.  Next up, quarterly sales tax.  Wish me luck.


cookingwithgas said...

We had oatmeal this morning.
I like fruit on,in mine. Mark is a purest with his. He would like those bananas with ice cream.
I'd give them a try.
That bakery look good.

Michèle Hastings said...

Your home looks warm and cozy! I haven't treated myself to hot cocoa in ages. Our snow day treat was popcorn.