Monday, December 28, 2015

December Blooms and Frugal Accomplishments

Today I'm joining in with Frugal Accomplishments.  Last week, I mended the carrying case for my massage chair.  Received a rebate for paint.  Strained, added honey and bottled my first batch of Fire Cider.  It's surprisingly tasty!  I enjoyed holiday music on Pandora.  I made a pumpkin pie with our pumpkin and eggs, cooked our potatoes with rutabagas, harvested and prepared chard, boiled eggs which we and the pups shared.  Chopped the chard stems and leaves with holes for the pups, and put some chopped stems in the vegi broth bag.  Harvested greens for the chickens.  Did laundry with homemade soap, and hung one load on the line.  Rain was expected in a few hours, so I dried the remainder in the dryer.  Used scrap paper for lists.

Shopped at the discount grocery store, and found kalamata olives for $2, 3L olive oil for $8, pack of 12 toothbrushes for $1, natural cane sugar for $1/lb.  Got 5/$5 evaporated milk at the grocery store.  Made broccoli fried rice with our broccoli, carrots, garlic, onions and eggs.  Added the carrot tops to the broth bag, and gave some grated carrots to the pups, along with a couple of chopped collard leaves with holes, and grated apples. Made Swagbucks daily goal several days.

I made french toast with our eggs, and baked ziti on Christmas Day, with our tomatoes, garlic and herbs.  Made potato salad with our potatoes and parsley, boiled our eggs and gave the pups some, deviled some for our dinner.  Added the parsley stems to the broth bag.  I fertilized all the house plants, as well as cabbage, collard and broccoli plants with homemade nettle tea.  Picked chickweed and dandelion greens for the chickens.  Had a nice long walk with the pups on Christmas, very much needed to counteract all the holiday goodies.  Used homemade deodorant and soap.  There are a number of plants blooming, due to the unusually warm weather.  I expect it won't be long before the cold will be here, so I'll enjoy these blooms while I can.

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Michèle Hastings said...

I am catching up with my blogger friends this morning, stealing a few minutes before the sun comes up.
Our tulip tree is blooming now. I don't know what will happen to all the buds that haven't bloomed yet, should it get cold this weekend.
Wishing you and J a very Happy New Year!