Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tastes of Almost Summer

Some of the things that had fallen by the wayside are finally getting attention this week.   The chicken coop was shoveled out, a bit of weeding and pruning was done, and my bathroom got its spring cleaning.  It was a good feeling to get these things done, and felt like some progress had been made.

Garlic has grown here as many years as I've lived here, but somehow I've never done anything with the scapes before.  That changed this weekend.  First, I made a garlic scape dressing, which we enjoyed on a salad with fresh picked lettuce from the garden.  Then I pickled 4 pints.  They are refrigerator-type pickles, and need to be left alone for a minimum of 6 weeks.  If we're fond of them, I may can some next year.

I do love a good fruit salad.  This one had mango, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.  Only the raspberries were picked here.  For some reason, none of the strawberries bore fruit this year, and the blueberries have not yet ripened.  It shouldn't be too much longer, though.  We got much needed rain last night, and were happy to see the cucumbers and tomatoes had grown.  Good thing, as I'm hoping to be canning up lots of both this summer.

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